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Dish-washing Simulator 2014

The cleanest simulator yet.

What is it?

The theme I got was "Make me another simulator!" so I tried to make a simulator. A dish-washing simulator. That's what it is, the Dish-washing Simulator 2014.

What can I do?

Unfortunately not much. You can start/stop the water and move the bowl around :P

Why is it so awful?

Well, this is the first time I participate alone in a game jam, first "game" using Unity, I hadn't made a 3d model before and lastly I started working on it today. But it would probably be the same even if I had a week :P

What did I use?

Unity3D / MonoDevelop (C#), and Blender (I mainly use Adobe AIR for games, http://onegameamonth.com/dn0z)

Where can I find your other games?

Dish-washing Simulator 2014 is not even a game, but if you want check out my Ludum Dare profile (http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/author/dinos/) and my website (http://www.icyhippo.com/) :D


Developed by @dn0z for #SummerGameJam